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PGServices offers services for the packaging, printing and advertising industries, and is also a provider of CAD/CAM Systems.

Peter Goeltl, the founder, has been working in the field of CAD/CAM Technologies for over 20 years, and therefore has gained a lot of experience with the different types of machinery, like cutting plotters, routing machines and waterjets, as well as with the most different applications and, of course, with the appropriate CAD systems.

This experience and a well-founded technical education in the engineering field with a Certificate of the Technical School of Engineering, Reutlingen, have build the basis for the successful and customer-oriented work of PGServices.

PGServices understands itself as an all-round service provider for the packaging and printing industries, for the packaging development with CAD/CAM technologies, but also for the designer in the field of advertising as well as for the diemaker.

Digital Production and applications of digital cutters in the production of POS/POP displays and packaging, as well as of many other articles which can be produced with digital plotting technologies, are another field, where PGServices can assist well with profound knowledge and varied experiences.

This makes PGServices a reliable and powerful partner of the industries.

PGServices is Sales & Service distributor for Echo Science & Technology Ltd., a noteable manufacturer of digital cutting plotters, for Pirina Technologies Ltd., the manufacturer of one of the most compact flat-bed plotters on the market, as well as for EngView Systems, a well-known supplier of CAD programs for packaging design.

Thus, the whole field of packaging development can be covered, as well as that of digital production, and the customer gets the whole products range and services out of one hand.

Upon appointment, such digital plotters can be inspected and demonstrated.


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